Telus Asset Tracker

 Asset Tag

TELUS Asset Tracker helps businesses track the location and status of their most valuable assets using GPS tracking.

Asset Tracker uses battery-powered GPS tracking devices to monitor your powered or non-powered mobile assets.

With a long battery life and simple setup, Asset Tracker provides you with hassle-free GPS tracking of your trailers, containers, construction equipment and more.

TELUS Asset Tracker is an ideal solution to:

  • monitor the real-time location of valuable assets
  • locate and retrieve assets in the event of theft
  • improve your overall asset management and security


Along with the battery-powered GPS tracking device, TELUS Asset Tracker provides access to the Fleet Complete online tracking platform. The platform maps the location of your assets, provides tracking and activity details, and lets you run custom analysis.

Flexible GPS tracking for assets in any environment

  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor use: water, dust, and weather (heat, cold, humidity) resistant
  • Battery life of up to 3 years, based on 1 location transmission per day
  • Easy Self-Install


TELUS Asset Tracker offers a low cost solution for your asset management needs. For further details on the plan below or to schedule a demonstration of TELUS Asset Tracker, contact your TELUS authorized dealer or sales representative.

TELUS Asset Tracker—$20 per month per user*

TELUS Asset Tracker provides your business with asset tracking and management capabilities. Monthly rate plan includes device connectivity, tracking and access to the online tracking system.

*Hardware is an additional cost of $199 per asset tracking device.




If your business runs on construction equipment, trailers and more, TELUS Asset Tracker can show you where it is in real time with advanced GPS devices. Asset Tracker will not only help locate your equipment if it is lost or stolen, it will also show you if it is running, and where it is supposed to be in the field – all important information you need for effective job management. TELUS Asset Tracker features the AT1000 series, a rechargeable battery-based hardware device that is ideally designed to track non-powered or occasionally powered mobile assets.