Telus Drive+ $50 on a 2-year term ($15 Per Month) (1GB Data Included)

This product can only be added to TELUS accounts with shareable data.

What it can do:

* Know when the kids/ employees are taking the car.

* Set digital boundaries and get notified when the vehicle leaves those zones.

* Check how fast a vehicle is going and get notified of excessive speeding.

* View driving behaviour via App.

* Vehicle Diagnostics included through our App. (No need to freak out when the Service Engine Light turns On).

* Track Car Battery Levels and get notified if the lights are left ON.

* Turn you car into Wi-Fi Hotspot and use the existing shared data bucket. 

Free Installation in a few seconds (Plug and Play) Call 1-800-715-1468 to Order

Self-Battery Powered: Does Not Drain your Car Battery

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