Machine to Machine 


Machine-to-Machine (M2M) – an evolution in business operations.

M2M is the wireless networking of devices or equipment so information can be communicated seamlessly between assets, a new way to capture and act upon intelligence from your business machines, devices and appliances.

Automate processes, enhance operations or customer service and allocate resources more efficiently, using real-time data collected wirelessly from sensors on your remote assets. M2M delivers a competitive advantage. Learn when a machine is down, track stock levels, monitor the movement or speed of vehicles or remote assets and more with meaningful, real-time data.

Power M2M business solutions like:

  • Point of Sale - Wireless POS devices can be used almost anywhere; tradeshow booths, restaurants, and mobile retail stores.
  • Vending machines: Track inventory levels and know when a machine needs restocking to reduce the lost revenue. Allow clients to add digital signage to their machines.
  • Digital displays and signage: Manage content delivery and timing directly to digital displays.

Get the M2M tools and support you need from TELUS, including a broad device selection, comprehensive support and a suite of M2M data plans. TELUS has you covered virtually anywhere in Canada, coast-to-coast, ensuring you get the very best network speeds available to support your business.