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Mid-Winter Sale for Ontario Doctors & Other OMA Members!

(Other Ontario Medical Association Members also qualify for this Telus EPP Plan!)

Welcome to Telus Corporate Plan for Ontario Medical Association Members. The pricing you see here is not offered to general Public. Most orders are processed fairly quickly, some even processed same day, unless the device you ordered is back-ordered. 

FREE SHIPPING: Next Business Day shipping is FREE within Ontario and some other parts of Canada. Pick up is always an option at our convenient location at 980 Albion Rd.  

Hotwire Communications Sales Team: 416-743-3249

Transfer from Consumer to Corporate Account: If you are an existing TELUS consumer plan customer who would like to migrate to the corporate employee plan, you can do that by renewing or upgrading your device on a 2 year term and by providing a proof of employment. If your old contract hasn’t expired; the device balance must be paid on the next Telus invoice. Telus charges $50 one-time fee per user when switching from Consumer to Corporate account.


Premium SmartPhone Plans (For 2 Year Term Pricing on the Device)

Premium Plus SmartPhone Plans (For Further Upfront Phone Discount)

Bring Your Own Device Plans (BYOD) (NEW ACTIVATIONS ONLY)

Optional Canada-US Plan:  Enjoy your Data while roaming in the US, Unlimited Calling to the US, Unlimited Calling while roaming the US, Texting to the US, and Texting while roaming in the US.

In other words, Canada and US both will become your local area.

Visit for Details. 

Cost: Only $7 per month on top of your Unlimited Canadawide Plan shown above for primary subscriber or $10 per month for secondary subscriber (if required). Required for duration of your term contract. 

Mid-Winter Sale Highlights: (Expires February 28, 2018)

Extra Discount on some phones (See Pricing Below)

30% Off the regular price plans (See Spreadsheet above of after-discount Pricing)

Free Shipping (Canada wide)

Free Accessories (See details below)

Pricing Expires February 28, 2018. Act Now to avoid stock shortages.

The following pricing examples are after all discounts mentioned above. 

Want further Phone Discount? Add only $7 per month to your plan and get additional $200 Off. Offer only available for New Activations.


Pricing for the hardware is controlled by Telus; Hotwire Communications cannot change the pricing for the device.

Above pricing may have errors please call your account executive to confirm before ordering.

Telus reserves the right to change pricing and end promotions before February 28, 2018 without prior notice. 

New Activation: Either a ported-in number from a competitor or a new line with a new number qualifies for new activation price on a 2 year term. Existing Telus Account adding a new number or porting in a number from a competitor also qualifies. 

Renewal/ Upgrade: Existing Telus line renewing the contract; or upgrading a device; qualifies for upgrade pricing and 2 year contract must be renewed. if there is an existing device balance; it must be paid either in store or on your next Telus Bill. 

Other Bonus offers:

No System Access Fee

No Activation Fee

Phones from $0

Free Sim Card

Bonus: Free Tuff-Hybrid Case

Bonus: Free Screen Protector

Free Shipping (This Month Only)

Premium In-Store After Sale Support

Free Phone Book Transfer In-Store

Trade In your Old Phone Program

Call Raj or Monika at 416-743-3249 for Details

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