Telus US Easy Roam Feature for Consumer Accounts and EPP Account on Current 'Your Choice' Plans

US Easy Roam

US Easy Roam lets you use your normal rate plan when you travel to the United States. For $11 a day, you can access the voice minutes, text messages, and data included in your smartphone or tablet plan, instead of incurring roaming charges. Calls and text messages to numbers outside Canada and the U.S. are not included.

You can add US Easy Roam by texting "TRAVEL" from your device to 7626, or log in to your account. You must activate US Easy Roam on every device you wish to use while in the United States, or regular roaming rates will apply.

The $11 per day fee will be capped at $100 per billing cycle. If you continue to use your device in the U.S. after passing that threshold, you will get the benefits of US Easy Roam without incurring any additional charges.

Note that you cannot have both US Easy Roam and a travel pass for the U.S. active on your device at the same time. If you want to add a 30-day U.S. travel pass, you need to remove US Easy Roam from your account.

Add US Easy Roam to your Account