Internet of Things

What if physical objects in your business can be embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity to collect and exchange information to save time and money while increasing productivity? 

     For Example:

  • An industrial garbage bin can equipped with sensors to dispatch a truck when the bin is 80% full.

  • A commercial generator that can notify when the fuel is running low.

  • A vending machine can email the owner to refill items when necessary.

  • A freezer in a meat factory can email the maintenance, before all products go bad due to a malfunction.

  • A digital sign that can be controlled from your office when uploading advertising content over WiFi.

  • GPS tracking on the fleet vehicles that can track, dispach and monitor.

  • A mobile office equipped with WiFi, fax and printer in a realtor's car to browse, receive faxes, submit offers etc.

  • WiFi Service for public transportation such as Limo, Taxi and Coach Buses.

  • Paper to Digital forms that eliminate the manual entry process after transaction for record keeping.

  • Backup 4G connection for ATM machines with dial-up internet can avoid downtime.

  • Patient tracking through RFID bracelets.

  • A smart building equipped with sensors can monitor energy consumption.

  • Taxi monitoring to locate, monitor and dispatch through your computer at home. 

  • Public WiFi for your establishment allowing to access email and browsing while blocking video streaming to avoid high costs.

Mentioned above were a few examples of how we can use the technology to change the way we do things. -The ideas mentioned above are just a few examples of the concept called Internet of Things or IoT. There are thousands of possibilities which can change the way a business is run. To get more information on how we can help you save money while increasing time and productivity, contact Raj at 416-743-3249.