Telus Student Plan for Post-Secondary (College and University) Students

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Offer Available Canadawide

What are the benefits of the student plans over the regular plans?

  1. Affordable Rates: Hotwire Telus offers student plans designed to fit the budgets of post-secondary students all over Canada, featuring competitive rates that are student-friendly.

  2. Lots of Data for when you are not studying: with Hotwire Telus Students plans you can get big data buckets to match your heavy usage habits, watch those TikToks and Reels; learn on YouTube and send those snaps on Snapchat. 

  3. Nationwide Coverage: Hotwire Telus provides extensive coverage across Canada, ensuring students stay connected from urban centers to rural areas.

  4. Additional Benefits: Hotwire Telus student plans often include freebies like free accessories, frree Canadawide shipping other special promotions, and access to discounted entertainment bundles, enhancing overall value for students.

  5. Easy Activation and Management: Signing up is straightforward by calling Hotwire telus at1-800-715-1468 or 416-743-3249  and students can manage their accounts conveniently through the Telus app, monitoring usage and making adjustments as needed.