Telus Drive+ Support Article

My car is not registering in the app during device setup

  • Ensure your vehicle is compatible with TELUS Drive+. You can check compatibility at
  • Please allow 24 hours for the car to complete its connection to the app before re-attempting to connect the device again. Do not unplug the device within 24 hours of first installation.
  • Ensure there is a network connection to the device when attempting setup. The LED 2 indicator located on the bottom right side of the device and referenced in your Quick Start Guide , must be green. If red, that means there is no network connection. Do not attempt to install the device in an underground garage or remote area with poor/no mobile network coverage.
  • Complete all steps in the order provided in the quick start guide.
    • Ensure you have installed the TELUS Drive+ app, created an account and installed the micro SIM card into the device
    • Do not plug in device until instructed to do so by the app
    • Go for a full 10 minute drive to finish setting up the device to establish a GPS lock
    • Do not unplug the TELUS Drive+ device within the first 24 hours of installation.
  • Ensure you have a SIM card that is active with a TELUS Drive+ rate plan on your account. If you are trying to activate the device using a SIM card that does not have a TELUS Drive+ rate plan, then it will not work. TELUS Drive+ only works with a qualifying rate plan designed to work with this device.

Note: If none of the above resolves your issue, contact us for further support.

App is displaying incorrect vehicle model, year and engine

  • Verify the vehicle identification number (VIN) is being displayed in the app:
    • Go to settings
    • Select Cars
    • Select your car
  • The OBD systems on some vehicles does not make VIN information available automatically.
  • If VIN is not being displayed in app, locate the VIN on your vehicle and manually enter it into the app. The VIN number is usually found at the base of the windshield on the driver’s side.
  • If you are still having issues, contact us for further support.

App is crashing when trying to use the app or certain features

  • Ensure the Android or iOS OS of your phone meets the TELUS Drive+ minimum OS requirements listed on Google Play and the App Store. If not, you will need to use the TELUS Drive+ app on a different phone that meets these requirements.
  • Ensure you have the latest version of your phone’s OS installed
  • Ensure you have the latest version of the TELUS Drive+ app installed on your phone
  • If none of the above fixes your issue, please contact us for further support

App is not sending me notifications

  • Ensure your vehicle and the phone receiving the notifications are both in an area with mobile network coverage. Notifications will be held until the vehicle has mobile network coverage.
  • It can usually take up to 90 seconds for notifications to be received from the time of the event, i.e., a trip start or end.
  • In the TELUS Drive+ app, check your notification settings to ensure the notification you wish to receive is enabled. Tip: geofence notification settings can be found in the geofence settings of the app.
  • Ensure you have the most recent version of the TELUS Drive+ app installed on your smartphone.

My TELUS Drive+ device is not establishing a connection to the mobile network

  • With device plugged into the OBD port and car engine turned on, the Power and Signal LEDs should be green when working normally.
  • If any LED is red, please restart the OBD device by pressing the RESTART button and check again after a couple of minutes.
  • If there are still red LEDs after restarting device, please RESET the device by inserting a pin into the RESET hole. Hold for three seconds or until the LED1 indicator turns red.
  • Use the included tool to eject the SIM tray from the ZTE device to ensure that the SIM card is inserted, and correctly oriented.
  • Also ensure all the contacts on the SIM card are clean and clear of any physical dents, cuts or major scratches.
  • NOTE: The OBD-II device will only accept a micro-SIM card.
  • If you are still experiencing issues that you suspect are device related, try plugging in the OBD device into another vehicle (if access to one is available). This can help narrow down the cause of the issue to the vehicle you are using or to the device itself.
  • If you are still having difficulty, please contact us for further support.

I can’t update my Wi-Fi hotspot settings in the app

In order to change the Wi-Fi network name and/or password, the TELUS Drive+ device must be awake. Ensure your vehicle is turned on when trying to update the network name or password in the app.

I can’t delete any of my previous trips from my trip history in the TELUS Drive+ app

Trips cannot be deleted from trip history after they have been recorded. To avoid logging certain trips, unplug the device before turning the car on.

Note: never plug or unplug the device with the vehicle ignition on.

I setup my device on my TELUS Drive+ account but now I want to use that device on a different TELUS Drive+ account

If you’re looking to track multiple vehicles under one existing account, be sure to not sync your TELUS Drive+ device to a newly created account. Once a specific TELUS Drive+ device is synced to an account, it can’t be synced with a different account. However, if you have done this you can contact us to have the device unclaimed from the TELUS Drive+ account so it may be synced with the TELUS Drive+ account that you desire.

I’m receiving a lot of disturbance notifications in the TELUS Drive+ app, but my vehicle has not been bumped, damaged or stolen

The disturbance notifications use a fixed sensitivity setting which can be set off more easily for certain cars that have the device closer to a door. Sometimes a heavy door movement from an adjacent vehicle or wind can set off the disturbance notifications. If you find that the notification is happening too frequently, you can turn it off using the TELUS Drive+ app.

Telus Bring-it-Back Program Explained

Introducing Bring-It-Back

Available on Platinum plans, the new Bring-It-Back program lowers the upfront cost of a new device. Getting the latest and greatest smartphones just got friendlier. Learn more about Bring-It-Back.


What happens if I no longer want to be part of the Bring-It-Back program?

You can leave the program at any point during your contract by paying back the Bring-It-Back program amount. Any point after the first 6 months, you can also leave the program by bringing back your phone. Keep in mind that by paying back the Bring-It-Back program amount or bringing back your phone, you may still have a device subsidy balance remaining on your account. Clearing one does not clear the other.

What happens if I want to upgrade early?

In order to complete an upgrade you will need to first clear the Bring-It-Back program amount from your account. This can be done anytime by paying back the Bring-It-Back program amount or returning the device. Keep in mind that you may still have a device balance to pay off.

If I buy online, do I have to return my phone in the store?

Yes, you must bring the phone back to a physical TELUS location at the end of your contract so we can inspect your device condition and complete the return.

Can I join the Bring-It-Back Program with my current contract?

No, Bring-It-Back must be selected at the time of your contract start date. You cannot join partway through an already existing contract. If you would like to sign up for Bring-It-Back you will have to end your current contract and renew with Bring-It-Back.

Why aren’t all phones part of the program?

We consider many things when deciding which devices to include in the Bring-It-Back program. Based on market conditions, we are constantly evaluating what devices to include in the program

How do the taxes work?

Taxes are charged upfront at the point of sale on the amount prior to the Bring-It-Back program amount being removed. When you return your device or pay back the Bring-It-Back program amount you will not be charged any additional tax.

Terms and conditions

Subject to approved credit. Not available to customers on the credit limit program. Returned device must be in good working condition or you will be responsible for the difference between the Bring-It-Back program amount and the lower trade-in value for a device that is not in good working condition Trade-in standards published at the time a device is returned will apply. Applicable sales taxes are calculated at time of purchase on the full purchase price. You will not be charged tax on the Bring-It-Back program amount if you chose to keep your device and pay back the Bring-It-Back program amount at, or before, the end of the 24 month term. Bring-It-Back program is only available while you subscribe to mobility service. If mobility service is cancelled before the end of the term, the Bring-It-Back program amount will be charged to your TELUS bill. Only available at participating locations.