Unlock your mobile device at Hotwire

Unlock your TELUS Mike or mobile device for use with other carriers.

You can unlock your TELUS mobile device for use with other mobile carriers.

Device unlocking is the process of reversing the TELUS specific settings on your mobile device so that it can be used with a SIM card from other mobile carriers. TELUS will provide you with the code to unlock your device in order to enhance your overall mobile experience while maintaining the standard manufacturer’s warranty on your device.

What you need to know

If you travel internationally for an extended period of time and wish to have access to a local number during your stay, you would benefit from unlocking your device prior to your trip and purchasing a local SIM card once you reach your international destination.

If you wish to use your TELUS number during an international trip and do not need access to a local number while travelling, add a roaming package to your account.

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