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Welcome to Telus Corporate Plan for qualifying organization Employees. The pricing you see here is not offered to the general Public. Most orders are processed fairly quickly, some even processed same day, unless the device you ordered is back-ordered.

FREE SHIPPING: Next Business Day shipping is FREE within Ontario and some other parts of Canada.

Pickup is always an option at our convenient location at 980 Albion Rd. Toronto ON

Hotwire Communications: 1-800-715-1468  or  416-743-3249

Transfer from Consumer to Corporate Account: If you are an existing TELUS consumer plan customer who would like to migrate to the corporate employee plan, you can do that by renewing or upgrading your device on a 2 year term and by providing a proof of employment. If your old contract hasn’t expired; the device balance must be paid on the next Telus invoice. Telus charges $50 one-time fee per user when switching from Consumer to Corporate account.